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Bin the ultra processed foods and eat real food

Updated: 08/08/2014

Author: Sophie Middleton

EU Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation 101

Sophie simplifies the complex area of the European Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation

Updated: 25/03/2014


ANH International at the Weston A. Price ‘Wise Traditions’ Conference: London 2014

ANH-Intl feedback from the Weston A. Price 2014 Conference

Updated: 12/02/2014

Author: Adam Smith, science and communications officer and Yvonne England, practitioner liaison

GM debate goes into overdrive in UK and Europe

Is the pro-GM propaganda is starting to work?

Updated: 15/05/2013

Author: Robert Verkerk

The history of farming and agriculture

Robert Verkerk's handout for the Urban Farming Festival in New Delhi

Updated: 11/12/2012

Author: Dr Robert Verkerk

UK homeopathy: a clarification of a clarification

More on our position on UK and EU homeopathic legislation

Updated: 09/07/2012

Author: Adam Smith

Get over it, and stop being so introspective!

Would more of our problems be solved if we spent more time thinking less about ourselves?

Updated: 25/05/2012

Author: Dr Rob Verkerk

Conflict of interest or controlled opposition – Which? would you prefer?

Questioning the real motivations of the UK’s ex-Consumers’ Association

Updated: 22/05/2012

Author: Adam Smith, science and communication officer, ANH International

'Musings on the Future of Healthcare' After Dinner Speech

Robert Verkerk offers you a reprise of his speech from the AFMCP gala dinner

Updated: 08/05/2012


Getting back on my bike

After an inexcusable, silent interlude, we're back in the blogosphere

Updated: 02/05/2012

Author: Dr Rob Verkerk

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