UK herbalist regulation: Statutory, voluntary or the status quo?

We take a deeper look at a question of vital importance to the UK’s practitioners of herbal and traditional systems of medicine

Updated: 5 Mar 2014

‘Dangerous’ traditional Chinese medicines reveal failure of EU herbal legislation

Wasn’t the THMPD meant to stop this kind of thing? Yes, it was

Updated: 28 Aug 2013

ANH-Intl Press Release: Herbal Quality Campaign misguided

02 Feb 12

Category: Press Releases

ANH-Intl queries UK campaign targeting politicians and bureaucrats


Frequently asked questions about quality and regulation of herbal products

ANH-Intl addresses consumer confusion over herbal medicines and food supplements

Updated: 2 Feb 2012

Transparency 1-0 Schwabe. Success for ANH-Leaks

UK anti-botanical food supplements campaign changes name

Updated: 10 Jan 2012

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