Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive

ANH-Intl Feature: Grace Speed’s tale: All set up and nowhere to go

Through Grace Speed’s fictitious journey, we highlight how various EU laws combine to pose major barriers to those wanting to enter the natural product sector 

Updated: 26 Aug 2015

EU medical device laws and natural products: loophole or opportunity?

Marketing products as medical devices may actually make a lot of sense while dire restrictions on health claims impact foods and food supplements

Updated: 10 Sep 2014

UK herbalist statutory regulation campaign update: EDM tabled

UK government may still break its promise, and Early Day Motion tabled to maintain pressure

Updated: 12 Jun 2013

UK herbalist statutory regulation campaign update

ANH-Intl summarises the progress of the campaign, and urges further action

Updated: 22 May 2013

ANH Europe’s Review of the Year 2012

From GM to health claims, we take a look back at a tumultuous year

Updated: 19 Dec 2012

UK medicines regulator explains ‘Echinacea in kids’ warning

ANH-Intl evaluates MHRA responses to its questions

Updated: 9 Oct 2012

17th February 2012

Lunch box agents – kindergarten’s Big Brother

Who’s pulling the strings behind government advice on nutrition?

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Pouring fuel on the fire: the dangers of a high-sugar world

Is it time to consider restricting access to another deadly white powder?

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Adverse reactions to ‘safe’ swine flu vaccine continue to soar

Ireland and Sweden the latest to count the cost

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Frequently asked questions about quality and regulation of herbal products

ANH-Intl addresses consumer confusion over herbal medicines and food supplements

Updated: 2 Feb 2012

EU herbal directive forces predictable price rises and customer discontent

ANH investigates Healthspan customers reactions to changes in product line up  

Updated: 20 Jan 2012

ANH FEATURE PART ONE: Talking loud, saying nothing?

European Commission answers 20+ questions on THMPD – and clarifies little

Updated: 20 Sep 2011

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