Donated Translations of our Documents

Donated Translations of our Documents

The translations you see on this page have been generously donated by our supporters.  Whilst we’d love to have our entire site translated, the financial cost is just not something we can carry at this time, so we are extremely grateful to the supporters who have volunteered their time so generously to assist us.

We would love to see a selection of different language translations representing all the European Member States and beyond.  If your country isn’t represented then please don’t feel left out, it just means that we’re in need of some additional translations if you or any of your contacts can help! 

Please appreciate that given the language limitations in the ANH-Intl team, we’re unable to verify the accuracy of any of the translations and have put them up in good faith that they represent our original text. 

Thank you again to our generous supporters for these translations and we look forward to seeing this list growing!

If you’re interested in translating any of our documents then please contact our campaign administrator, Sophie Middleton, at or on +44 (0)1306 646 600.