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About the Innovators Club

Would you like to know that your business was helping to promote and protect natural healthcare worldwide? Of course you would! So please find enclosed details of how we can help you make that happen through membership of the Alliance for Natural Health’s Innovators’ Club, established at the start of 2006.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been campaigning to support the innovative edge of natural healthcare for six years now. In this time, we have already developed a strong, international profile and reputation and have brought considerable influence to bear on legislators, the media, the healthcare industry and its many health-conscious consumers. Our success largely springs from the specialist expertise we deploy and from our unfailing adherence to the principles of good science and good law.

Achievements to date

  • Successful legal challenge to the EU Food Supplements Directive, championing ‘natural forms’ of vitamins and minerals
  • Adoption of positive amendments to two European Commission healthcare directives
  • Demonstration of the critically flawed nature of existing methods of risk assessment for food/dietary supplements
  • Major inputs to consultations issued by the FDA in the USA
  • Proposal of new and viable models for safety/benefit assessment of natural products
  • Uniting of leading-edge interests into a single, energetic campaign

What membership of the Innovators Club will do for you

As a member (depending on your membership level), you can call on us for:

  • Direct support for securing food/dietary supplement status for your products
  • Discounts on services provided through ANH’s sister organisation, ANH Consultancy Ltd, eg labelling advice, marketing copy, dossier applications or the provision of scientific data to back up your product claims
  • Access to a confidential, password-protected area on the ANH website providing information relevant to companies, as well as a private forum, specific to Gold and Silver Club members
  • Regular brainstorming forums
  • Corporate listing on the ANH website as an ANH Innovator
  • Use of the relevant Innovators Club membership logo on your website and literature
  • Supporter listings in ANH news articles and press releases
  • Early notice of information on new regulations and guidance on strategies to influence or overcome constraints via ANH Innovators quarterly bulletins, press releases and email

For details and any more help or information, please contact Sophie Middleton on

Why do we need your help?

Simply put, the time we spend on fund-raising is time we can’t spend on key, often time sensitive, campaigning activities, such as another legal challenge to the EU, the protection of botanical products under the EU regime and consultations in the USA. So we are asking you, the manufacturers, formulators and suppliers who are the most highly innovative and well respected in the field of natural healthcare, and who suffer most severely from negative legislature, to join us and benefit from the high profile derived from being part of the Innovators Club.

Your support, whilst deriving specific benefits from the membership level you choose, will also help us to inform our campaign strategy so that it is specifically designed around your company’s interests.  Your ongoing financial support provides the mechanism to help us to maintain our position as one of the most effective ‘fire-fighters’ in the natural health sector.  Being a true club, there are also good opportunities for direct interaction and exchange of information with other members of the club, which may also provide benefits.  Finally, your ability to use the relevant ANH Innovators Club logo will help inform consumers of your products that you take very seriously the ongoing regulatory challenges and are working hard with the ANH to facilitate positive change.

We feel we have much to offer your business and look forward to a long, productive and empowering partnership with you.

For more information on membership and related benefits/services please contact:

Meleni Aldridge
Executive Coordinator

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