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ANH-Intl Book Bites: “Pharmageddon” by David Healy

Our short review taking a psychiatrist’s eye-opening view of medicine and the drug industry

Updated: 1 Oct 2014

ANH-Intl News Alerts: Week 40, 2014

Hospital food, artificial sweeteners, thyroid tests, deregulation, vaccines, and saturated fats

Updated: 1 Oct 2014

ANH-INTL FEATURE: Patancheru poisoning - the untold cost of the Western world’s cheap drugs

Spotlight on toxic chemical disaster unfolding in southern India triggered by increasing demand for generic drugs in West 

Updated: 24 Sep 2014

Gender-bending xenoestrogens: If they’re a problem for fish, could they be a problem for you?

ANH-Intl work experience student Megan Ryder delves deep into the controversial chemicals that are feminising male fish 

Updated: 24 Sep 2014

ANH-Intl News Alerts: Week 39, 2014

TTIP Citizens’ Initiative, 2, 4-D-Resistant GMO corn and soy, vitamin D, Fluorescent GMO moths, MMR-autism fraud – call for Congress action, vitamin B12 deficiency campaign 

Updated: 24 Sep 2014

ANH-Intl criticises EFSA’s folate intake recommendations as too low, arbitrary and locked in old, irrelevant science

Consultation response highlights EFSA’s endorsement of FDA proposals on folate

Updated: 17 Sep 2014

Ebola update from ANH-Intl

Workers in affected areas call for assistance beyond drugs and vaccines

Updated: 17 Sep 2014

ANH-Intl News Alerts: Week 38, 2014

Monsanto, vaccine deaths, lavender, Alzheimer's, probiotics, artificial humans, Omega-3, Bayer and Syngenta being sued, wi-fi sufferer incarcerated and breast cancer Pink Ribbons, Inc. movie

Updated: 17 Sep 2014

Rob Verkerk and ANH receive excellence awards from top US law firm

Emord & Associates honours leaders in nutrition, integrative medicine, medical science and journalism at spectacular gala

Updated: 10 Sep 2014

EU medical device laws and natural products: loophole or opportunity?

Marketing products as medical devices may actually make a lot of sense while dire restrictions on health claims impact foods and food supplements

Updated: 10 Sep 2014

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