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South Africa’s two revolutions: challenging medical apartheid and low fat diets

ANH-Intl reviews an important and inspiring week in South Africa that could bring about a sea change in how South Africans manage their health in the future 

Updated: 25 Feb 2015

Milk – the good, the bad and the not for everyone!

Do the nutritional benefits of dairy outweigh the potential health risks linked to intolerance and autoimmune disease?

Updated: 25 Feb 2015

ANH-Intl News Alerts: Week 8, 2015

NEM, GM, HRT linked to cancer, Roundup, weight loss pill, African agriculture, and movie about vitamin B12 campaigner

Updated: 18 Feb 2015

The UK NHS crisis, the (IR)Responsibility Deal and an election

Why UK healthcare needs to change direction – citizens must become the drivers and voices for reform

Updated: 18 Feb 2015

Cows’ milk – food of the Gods or driver of modern disease?

Widely purported as an essential health food, we explain why there is no dairy on our Food4Health Plate

Updated: 18 Feb 2015

ANH-Intl Feature: Fuel efficiency and the Food4Health Plate

In this instalment of ANH-Intl’s Food4Health series, Rob Verkerk looks at how you can optimise your use of fuels to keep you healthy and fitter for longer – the natural way

Updated: 12 Feb 2015

ANH-Intl News Alerts: Week 7, 2015

Fats, ineffective flu jab, probiotics discrimination, EFSA COI, fracking, diet linked to COPD, and whistleblower immunity

Updated: 11 Feb 2015

UK government raid strips cancer and other patients of choice over innovative natural treatments

Use of innovative and effective glycoprotein GcMAF challenged by UK, Guernsey and Belgian authorities

Updated: 11 Feb 2015

ANH-Intl News Alerts: Week 6, 2015

Diabetes cure, more organics, WiFi, vaccines, GM folate, probiotics, and GM wheat

Updated: 4 Feb 2015

Underhand herbal food supplement ban by Irish regulator

Does the recent Irish consultation on herbs put a spanner in the works for a liberal EU marketplace for herbal food supplements?

Updated: 4 Feb 2015

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