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Censorship, quackery and the dissing of unproven cancer therapies

Why the status quo no longer serves cancer patients and what can be done to encourage research and trialling of promising, integrative cancer therapies

Updated: 27 May 2015

Energy beyond ATP – biochemistry takes a quantum leap

Prof James Oschman, leading authority on bioenergy medicine, along with UK experts, expose UK practitioners to the new frontier in healthcare

Updated: 27 May 2015

ANH-Intl News Alerts: Week 21, 2015

Wi-Fi, mandatory vaccinations, TTIP, malnutrition, more GPs, glyphosate, March Against Monsanto, and ban HPV vaccine

Updated: 20 May 2015

Protein: should we consume more — or supplement?

A week after ANH-Intl’s Rob Verkerk rebutted a major Spanish study, he now makes a case for increasing protein intake, including via protein supplements

Updated: 20 May 2015

B12 deficiency expert calls for urgent changes in healthcare provision

US expert, Sally Pacholok, presents on rampant B12 deficiency and misdiagnosis in mainstream healthcare

Updated: 20 May 2015

Bugs in our soils: the vital link to natural health

ANH-Intl investigates why we need to look beneath our feet if we are to feed the world and achieve optimum levels of health

Updated: 13 May 2015

ANH-Intl News Alerts: Week 20, 2015

Increase in strokes, vaccinations, Monsanto, McDonald’s closures, Wi-Fi, and autism fear

Updated: 13 May 2015

ANH-Intl Feature: Spanish study - do high protein Mediterranean diets kill you quicker?

ANH-Intl explains why the latest damning of high protein diets is not relevant to most people’s long-term health and weight loss goals

Updated: 13 May 2015

Folic acid fears driving up neural tube defect rates

ANH-Intl looks at how and why research and policy on folate in supplements and fortified foods is in the balance, and how lives can be saved

Updated: 6 May 2015

Why pharmaceutical-dominated medicine fails society

On the lead up to the UK election, we evaluate why over-reliance on pharma drugs is at the root of the lack of effectiveness of Western medicine

Updated: 6 May 2015

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