ANH News Archive

Ebolagate: escalating fear for the sake of profit?

ANH-Intl’s Rob Verkerk explains what you’re not being told about Ebola, what ANH is doing and how you can help

Updated: 26 Nov 2014

Press release: Global Ebola relief effort not reaching rural communities

Despite millions pouring into Ebola relief effort, not even a trickle has reached many of the community holding centres for Ebola patients

Updated: 25 Nov 2014

ANH-Intl News Alerts: Week 47, 2014

No to fluoride, family meals, GM, Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill, cell phones and brain tumours, omega-3 levels in farmed fish, and EC chief scientific advisor role is scrapped

Updated: 19 Nov 2014

Do B vitamins help brain ageing?

New study finds no effect on cognitive performance from folic acid and B12. Is this yet another study designed to fail?

Updated: 19 Nov 2014

ANH-Intl Exclusive: Standing up for parental rights and freedom of choice in healthcare

The US Parental Rights Foundation and Medical Kidnap tell us about the work they do for families

Updated: 19 Nov 2014

ANH-Intl News Alerts: Week 46, 2014

Keep your breasts!, fruit juice sugar warning, GM contamination, cancer docu-series success and manipulation of GM study data

Updated: 12 Nov 2014

Hundreds of South African traditional healers back TNHA objections to restrictive medicines Bill

Campaigners fill South African Parliament chamber for health committee hearings on SAHPRA Bill

Updated: 12 Nov 2014

Opinion: Taking responsibility for Ebola

ANH founder Rob Verkerk points to public actions that might make a difference

Updated: 12 Nov 2014

Swedish study: could your dairy consumption weaken rather than strengthen your bones?

We review a new Swedish study that raises concerns over the dairy-rich Western diet

Updated: 5 Nov 2014

ANH-Intl News Alerts: Week 45, 2014

Imbeciles in science, children with mysterious paralysis, GM biotech salmon, fluoride-free in Southampton, and Lithuania bans energy drinks for under 18’s

Updated: 5 Nov 2014

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