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AllTrials is all smiles for Big Pharma: Data transparency and the randomised, controlled trial

As pharma looks set to tighten its grip on clinical trials, new approaches are vital

Updated: 28 May 2014

ANH-Intl Exclusive: EU funds adoption of its draconian natural product laws by South Africa

Campaigners and cancer-stricken lawyer unite for constitutional challenge to protect availability of natural health products

Updated: 28 May 2014

Pharma’s statin fightback – or dilemma?

Are generic statins getting in the way of pharma’s plans?

Updated: 21 May 2014

ANH-Intl News Alerts: Week 21, 2014

March Against Monsanto, no GM for Chinese army, GMO Myths and Truths, GSK scandal, bees and pesticides, sugar, eating habits, antibiotics in fruit farming

Updated: 21 May 2014

UK industry group looks the other way on EMR and mobile phone safety

Clean bill of health only possible by ignoring contradictory evidence

Updated: 21 May 2014

ANH-Intl News Alerts: Week 20, 2014

Big Food sues over GM labelling, GM Golden Rice fiasco, obese children, Ghana says yes to herbal medicine, lack of exercise worse than smoking, undiagnosed coeliac disease rates, and male infertility

Updated: 14 May 2014

European Commission-mediated health claims confusion and probiotic olives

We look at the confusion emerging from EC’s €1.5 million funding of probiotic olive research seen from the perspective of the EU’s Nutrition and Heath Claims Regulation

Updated: 14 May 2014

Leading parent support for vaccine choice in the UK: ANH-Intl interviews Anna Watson of Arnica UK

Anna set up Arnica to promote natural immunity and support parents who question vaccination

Updated: 14 May 2014

ANH-Intl News Alerts: Week 19, 2014

Chinese medicine pracs go legal, organics, the HPV vaccine, GM, health claims challenge, food lobbyists on the EFSA board, smart meters, the TTP, and a new report on fluoride

Updated: 7 May 2014

The onward march of pay-to-use social media

Overcoming the challenge of ‘Facebook Zero’ through our partnership with you – our advocates – to help save social media for social and healthcare change!

Updated: 7 May 2014

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