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Medical Doctors, Diet and Nutritional Approaches, Bodywork and Manipulative Approaches, Healers and Lightworkers, Herbalists, Homeopaths, Energy Medicine Practitioners, Acupuncture and Acupressure Approaches, and all other modalities and traditional approaches..

ANH-Intl would like to collaborate with international practitioner Organisations

We are able to represent the interests of practitioners at an international level. For some time now we have been building strategic relationships and collaborative links with different groups, which include practitioner and other natural health organisations around the world. There is great strength to be gained in numbers, and working cooperatively as a united effort offers the best chance of change. We believe that if a concerted, international effort to resist regulatory and other such pressures is not made now and in the coming months, many forms of natural therapy may be lost, not only to current generations, but also to future ones.

Please bring our new Practitioner Position Paper to the attention of your practitioner organisation. Thank you.

Your natural health business is more under threat than ever before...

European Union laws are set to begin banning your most useful and therapeutic or cutting-edge nutrients, herbs, foods and other natural health products. Also, your ability to inform your clients about natural health products will be severely restricted.   

The more useful and helpful they are to your clients, the more likely they are to eventually become illegal!

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November 2013: Food Supplements Directive MPLs update for EU practitioners

ANH-Intl commissions new approach to determining safety of vitamins and minerals

ANH-Intl has commissioned a pilot study with the Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in the Netherlands, using a novel science-based approach to the development of maximum and minimum permitted levels of vitamins and minerals.
The setting of Maximum Permitted Levels (MPL's —the second part of the EU Food Supplements Directive 2002/46/EC) has been delayed again, and it will probably not be prioritised at least until 2014. There have been justified concerns about the levels being set too low. The two existing and outdated approaches being considered by the EC since 2007 (the EHPM/ERNA and BfR models) overemphasize risk, are flawed and unnecessarily restrictive, and completely ignore benefits of higher dosages. They would deprive consumers of major health benefits if they were harmonised EU-wide as planned.
The TNO project commissioned by ANH-Intl aims to provide specific outputs for a limited range of vitamins and minerals, including different molecular forms of each. Risks and benefits will be characterised for different nutrient forms, to allow risks to be managed far more proportionately. It would allow use of higher doses that yield many benefits well-known to nutritional practitioners..
Read more in our recent Press Release.


October 2013: The Nutrition Coach Network  (UK) has recorded a teleseminar presentation by Dr Robert Verkerk, entitled:

Getting familiar with EU regulation affecting clinical practice

Listen to the teleseminar

View the slide presentation.

The slides for Dr Robert Verkerk's talk: mTOR and caloric restriction: the ultimate weight loss/fitness gain protocol  are now available.

See also ANH-Intl Feature: Protein kinases, caloric restriction and exercise

"Alot of what we know about anti-ageing has to be disregarded given new scientific findings on the genetic control of ageing, the effects of caloric restriction, its effects on the mTOR pathway and sirtuin regulation by plant nutrients like resveratrol.  Rob Verkerk brings you bang up to speed on how you can incorporate this latest science into diet, supplement and lifestyle protocols that will revolutionise your practice — and your life".


Let's do something about the future of herbalism in Europe!

Click here for our EU herb law challenge page: working together to maintain our access to herbs used in healthcare

 December 2012 

Ban begins for general function health claims used by Europe’s practitioners

Thousands of 'general function' (Article 13.1) claims about the health benefits of foods and supplements are now illegal in the European Union (EU). On 14th December 2012, thousands of health claims informing consumers of the beneficial properties of foods, supplements and natural health products will no longer be permitted on labels, courtesy of the EU’s controversial Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation (NHCR). Only a paltry 222 generic Article 13.1 claims specifically permitted remain. Practitioners may speak and write in generic terms about the health benefits of food, but risk breaking the law if they refer to specific commercial products whilst making such claims. This applies to practitioner consultations, client reports, marketing materials, websites, blogs, and social media.

Practitioners should familiarise themselves with the EC health claims register, which lists all authorised and unauthorised claims. For guidance on using the register, click here. The majority of botanical claims have yet to be evaluated (specifically herbals), and we also await opinions on probiotics. Transitional measures will permit ongoing use of claims that have historically been used for now.

News story: ANH-Intl launches new information leaflets (Europe) and merchandise at CAMexpo 2012
Download new A5 leaflets:

Rob Verkerk gave a free seminar at this UK show, entitled: Scientific and Regulatory Gems to Help You Revolutionise Your Practice. Any practitioners who missed this presentation or are interested in obtaining a copy of the slides (together with the first 2 electronic copies of 'What Doctors Don't Tell You') can buy our special ANH USB stick. The cost is £10 plus postage costs. Please use the 'Contact Us' tab at the top of this page, to request this. The £10 will cover the costs and add a £5 donation to our cause. Thank you. 

The following is a description of the seminar:

"Practitioners, hold on to your chairs for this one! In a bid to bring you
the latest information from ANH's campaign arm as well as its science and
research arm, Rob Verkerk will bring you  information that has the ability
to revolutionise your practice.  Among other things, you'll get the latest
regulatory pointers to keep you inline with the ever-changing regulatory
goalposts, while also discovering why government nutritional advice
contributes to inflammatory diseases, what's really wrong about grain-based
diets, how legume toxins interfere with digestion and why nutritional advice
must always be given along with very specific advice on physical activity to
ensure consistent results and happy clients!

Read our feature: The ’12-step’ programme to diminishing natural healthcare – worldwide

There is a definite plan to control and damage the public's ability to manage health by natural means — and it’s global

July 2012 update: EU health claims: the veto, the lawsuit and the Dutch Interpretation

EU health claims battle lost, but war far from over

You have a fundamental right to the information that will help you to understand what you are eating and drinking; to give you the ability to make informed choices; and ultimately, to have control over your health and wellbeing.

We would like to thank all practitioners who took the time and trouble to write to their MEPS to try to convince them that a veto of the health claims proposal was necessary. So what happens next, you might ask? Watch this space, and we will let you know what our next move should be!

April 2012

There are two key actions that you can help with, one intended for European consumers, the other for food supplement companies. Please sign up to the following, accordingly:

Consumers, please sign the petition (14,899 at the time of writing) at:

Food supplement companies, please join the signatory list (344 companies at the time of writing) established by the European Health Claims Alliance:


Rules and Regulations Affecting Clinical Practice (mainly UK based)

Date: 21st May 2011
Venue: Royal Society of Medicine, London 

If you were unable to attend in person and would like to benefit from the essential information offered, or attended and would like a reminder of the day the full seminar pack is available for just £40 to practitioners only – with all proceeds going to the ANH-Intl campaign fund – and provides you 4.5 CPD hours

Purchase the seminar pack

The seminar pack contains:

  • The full delegate volume with all the slides, the graphic summaries, a comprehensive glossary, presenter and exhibitor information
  • The day’s video recording with incorporated slides to give you the same feeling as if you had attended
  • The pre-reading pack that delegates were sent prior to the event
  • Extensive supporting documentation for future reference purposes

Purchase the seminar pack

Link to BANT's RULES AND REGULATIONS Page (available only to BANT members) - UK

ANH-Intl have audited and contributed the source materials which BANT has interpreted and presented in this unique format. The format and presentation are the copyright of BANT and should not be reproduced without prior permission.

Download a short summary of why practitioners should support the judicial review against the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) and find out what's actually going on.

Download Dr Verkerk's presentation to practitioners at CamExpo October 2010.

Download our EU Legislation summary flyer.

Download our ANH/BANT summary flyer for Nutritional Therapists

Download our A5 leaflet warning practitioners of the threat of the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD)

Click here for practitioner guidance about the EU food-medicine borderline


ANH Comment: This section is regularly updated.  Although initial focus has been given to UK and European practitioners given the severity of some of the EU legislation, this section will develop further to feature key risks, where they exist, to practitioners globally.  We ask for your patience, whilst we build what we feel will become a key information source for practitioners. 


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